Visualizing the iPhone Supply Chain

Last week marked the seventh anniversary of the iPhone. Yes, take a breath and read that again. Time has indeed flown by and we have come a long way as far as smartphones are concerned. but all those days ago, it was indeed the iPhone that had set the trend of big touch screen slabs which ended up bringing an internet browser, a telephone and a music player in one device. The iPhone of today looks drastically different, bigger and slimmer than that held up Steve Jobs those seven years ago. We all know that the iPhone 5s is assembled in a factory in China that is ashamed for working child labors, however where do the parts come from?

Here is an interesting infographic that details the parts of the iPhone and the various suppliers. So, if you do happen to own an iPhone, hold it tight, you just may well be holding a device that is an extraordinary aggregation of parts that come from across the globe.

The iPhone Supply Chain

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