VLC Media Player Available to Download on Windows 8/8.1

It has been a good part of an year and a half since Microsoft moved from Windows 7 to a Metro UI based Windows 8. As the rumors come thick and fast about impeding improvements in Windows 8.1, an old warrior has finally come to the Windows 8 party. VLC Media Player, often referred to as one of the best media players out there is now available as a standalone app and ready to be downloaded for Windows 8.

Windows 8

The application is finely tuned and in sync with the whole Metro UI of new Windows and with enhanced performances. The app was initially shown off back in 2012 when Windows 8 was first launched. It was back then that VLC had taken to Kickstarter to fund the project. Once the goal of $40,000 was reached, the company got to work and released the application. The application retains its best feature, that is the ability to play just about any media format you could throw at it despite a radical change and improvement in the UI.

The app is currently available only for Windows 8 and 8.1 but there is no Windows RT version just yet, but chances are we will have have that soon too.

The app is available to download from the Windows Store for free here

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