VLC Player Returns to iOS After Two Years

After a long and painful wait the most famous video playback application on Mac and Windows has made it’s way to iOS. Yes, after disappearing away mysteriously from the app store some two years ago, VLC Player is back to iOS. The application brings with it some known old features and adds a few new things to the table.

VLC Player for iOS 2

The application now has the ability to sync your dropbox contents for seamless content integration as well as the ability to play video via airplay if you have an Apple TV connected to your Television. With VLC player for iOS you can play just about any video format you can think of without having to go through the hassles of converting them. All you need to do is to connect your device to your PC running iTunes and copy the files to the VLC app on iTunes.

VLC Player for iOS

You also can simply upload the file to the remote server and download it straight to your device using VLC. The application also brings in video filters which are really neat. You can also change the playback speed based on your need. The application is one of the most intuitive applications for iOS and without a shadow of doubt the best application for playing videos. There were a few stutters in the video playback over AirPlay but we are pretty sure they will be resolved in the future updates.

Download VLC Player for iOS here

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