VLCWatcha is a Firefox Addon to Download and Watch Videos Simultaneously

Downloading videos from YouTube or other online service provider is a great fun. But it’s better to preview video before downloading it to see its quality and genuineness. Many video downloading sites do not provide such facility to preview videos before downloading. To overcome this problem there is a great addon for FireFox know as VLCWatcha that helps you watching and downloading videos at a same time.


To use this tool, you need to download and install VLCWatcha addon on your Firefox browser. Now go to any video source and download movie or video files. While downloading, open the downloading tab and right click on a video. You’ll get “view in VLC” option.

You need to take care one thing that VLC media player plugin must be installed in your FireFox browser otherwise VLCWatcha won’t work. The main feature of this tool is that you can watch all the formats of videos supported by VLC.

Download VLCWatcha for FireFox.

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