Vlingo: Alternative to Siri for iPhone 4 Users

iPhone 4S, the latest awesome gadget in the market has gathered great attention due to iOS 5, poor battery and Siri.

But the old iPhone 4 users would be a bit bugged because they can’t get Siri onto their phone. Well there are few workarounds or some alternatives. Vlingo is one such alternative which works very well.

To use the app, you launch it, and then either press the button once so that Vlingo can listen to what you’re saying, and once when you’re done press and hold the button until you complete your command (then release it). There is an option you can enable so that Vlingo starts listening the moment you launch the app, creating lesser button-press, but you still have to tap once when you’re finished speaking.

The app has a built-in tutorial which is very important to learn so as to command Vlingo, a few screens of information you can swipe through that give you clues as to how to use the app. You’ve got to learn Vlingo conversation technique to use it effectively. Keywords like “find,” “search,” “subject,” and “message” are helpful to learn in context of a phony command, which the tutorial shows. The more you use Vlingo, the more you’ll pick up on the app’s vocabulary.


I’ve personally tried it and yes it does work pretty accurately. On the other hand i have tried Siri as well and i would say that Siri is much more advanced than Vlingo. Siri has better speech recognition and can understand varied accents. If you’re not planning to buy an iphone 4S then i guess Vlingo is what you can count upon.

The best part is that it is available for free on the app store…

Happy “Vlingo”ing!!

If you come across any better application then please let us know! We here at Blogtechnika are always happy at the receiving end.

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  1. Vlingo is good, but definitely check out vokul – a new 100% handsfree app for iOS devices that is a safer alternative for texting while driving.

    Unlike Vlingo, vokul uses clear and pleasant-sounding voice prompts to interact with users, ensuring safe and accurate freeform message composition while driving.

    In addition, vokul’s simple voice commands allow users to play music and podcasts from their iTunes library and place calls, without pressing any buttons. vokul’s Fitness Mode even allows users to adjust the playback tempo (using voice commands) to match their workout pace.

    Check out the demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XFpOusyq3g and http://www.vokulnation.com.

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