Voxer Turns Your iPhone And Android Device Into A Walkie Talkie

We live in a world where there are a plenty of options for us to choose our choicest smart phone. Some of us go for the ever popular iPhone and some of us want the nerds inside us to exploit the Open Resources Of Android. However, this opens an opportunity for various cross platform messengers such as Whatsapp which have become very popular. Today we are here to talk about another such application called Voxer.

When we were young kids one thing that intrigued the most was a walkie talkie handset. It was basically a kids mobile phone and could really help out communication at least in the same building. Voxer is very similar, it helps us to send across small voice messages to our contacts on the service.

You can also send across IM’s just like you would on any chat service. The delivery of the messages, pictures and the Audio messages is almost instantaneous. The application seems to have a very stable and clean UI, however, the UI is very different for the Android and the iPhone application.

You can also re hear all the conversations you had with your friends like you would hear any voice mails. There is also an extended possibility of Group Chats. The registration is pretty simple and requires you to enter both your email and phone number. So, if you are really bored of normal way of chatting with your friends and are game on to try something new Voxer is definitely worth giving a shot at.

You can download  the application for both the iPhone and Android so it gives a great opportunity for a cross platform communication.

Here are the links for Android Play store and App Store.

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