Was HTC One Conceptualized More than Three Years Ago?

HTC have recently announced the HTC One, the phone that has left everybody, tech lover or not absolutely drooling. From killer specs sheet to an absolutely gorgeous design, the HTC One has absolutely nailed it. In fact Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo mentioned in his full review of the device that he kept finding new reasons just to hold and pick the phone, it is that well built. The coldness of Aluminum matched with a beautiful glass on the front meant that this marriage was pretty much successful even before the phone reached the consumers. Definitely the best product HTC has made till date.

HTC one 1

But the question does arise if this device had been in works for a very long time, and the answer to that certainly seems to be a yes. Shuffling through the packs, we came across this page which is from 2010 and clearly shows off all the design characteristics that the HTC One incorporated. For example the two tone design as well as Social Feed which took the shape of Blinkfeed is clearly mentioned. Forget that, they even got the name perfectly spot on. If HTC took inspiration from the page or simply the writer had some of the information nobody across the web could get is an entirely different question. One we would not even bother investigating.

HTC 1_2

But definitely looking at these shots you ought to think that this was a device in works for a very long time. And no doubt it has put HTC right up there with the likes of Apple and Nokia as one of the leading designers of smart phones. Make sure you check out the page for some real neat sketch, you will get a good idea how first renders of a smart phone are made.

Via: Yankodesign


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