Was Yesterday’s Announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge the biggest leap in design philosophy of Samsung?

Right from the days of the early Galaxy smartphones to as recent as the Samsung Galaxy S5, we have all shared a bit of a love and hate relationship with Samsung. While no doubt some of the products, most notably, Galaxy S, Galaxy S3 and Note 2 have been absolute peaches from the Korean giants, things have dwindled a bit in the past couple of years. Last year Samsung dropped a sizeable share in the mobile market and that called for radical changes. Since time immemorial, every tech enthusiast has had two major gripes with Samsung, the first being poorly optimised Touchwiz, which still is far from perfect and second being complete reliance on plastic as building material for its phones. The year 2014 is finally witnessing Samsung rectifying the latter with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge.

Note 4

This marks a drastic change in the design philosophy of Samsung as all the three phones mentioned above genuinely look good and have a premium feel from what we could make out in the press renders. Gone are are the fake metal accents and replaced by real metal on the outer edges, though the back and front still remain plastic, we feel the change is just around the corner now. If you look at the internals of the Note 4 and Note Edge, the devices are absolute beasts. You have the latest Snapdragon 805 SoC with 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB internal storage and a 16 MP rear camera with OIS. That is as good as specs you will get in a smartphone today, perhaps even three folds of what we will see in the iPhone 6.

Note Edge

However, for all the good internals, the externals was what that pushed people away. See how much appreciation the likes of HTC and Apple get for their presentation as well as externals of their devices. The reason being, when you are willing to pay a top dollar you are looking for a top end product, not just a product with good software or hardware or internals. This is akin to paying for a Boeing 747 and having the livery painted poorly, as good as the 747 is and as powerful it is, the presentation or the aesthetics matter to people. We must accept that we are a society that still is influenced by how things look and feel and phones are no different. They must appeal to all senses and we are glad Samsung has finally accepted this cause no doubt Samsung is one of the companies out there which pushes the curve of tech development forward like it has done with the Note Edge.

The Note Edge may not be a success and maybe ridiculed for that extra screen on the side that will prompt a million accidental touches, but it is a step in the direction we all want to go, that is bendable panels. SOmeone else may perfect the art of that, maybe Apple in future or HTC or Sony, but at least Samsung has dared to make a move and we must commend it. While the phone has its challenges, like its a totally right handers phone as well as prediction that it will cost a lot, the Galaxy Edge and Note 4 may finally be the answers to questions that people were posing, asking whether Samsung has lost its mojo totally. They may not have, afterall.

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