Watch Fruit Ninja Being Played With A Real Knife

Fruit Ninja is without a doubt one game that we all have played on either our iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Yet, if you are not satisfied by just virtually cutting the plethora of fruits using your fingers then why not try out a real knife to satisfy your fruit cutting needs? Someone tried to do that on their Samsung Galaxy SIII and if you do not believe our words, here is the video for fun’s sake:

However, we strongly recommend you not to try any of such things on your extremely expensive Galaxy SIII. However, if you have a bag full of cash and more than one Galaxy SIII lying around, then go ahead and try this and let us know about what exactly happened. It is pretty unclear how exactly the knife has worked, since the screen is capacitive and a metal would not work over it. Maybe its a capacitive knife or something like that.

Also, it may open a new range of opportunities for various game development teams to ship out accessories like say the magic knife for Fruit Ninja. What are your views on such a move? Do let us know in the comments section below.

via: Redmondpie

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