Watch GE’s 3D Printed Jet Engine Fire

General Electric happens to be one of the leading players when it comes to engines in the Aerospace Industry. Along with, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royse, the triumvirate form the key propulsion core of pretty much every major passenger aircraft out there. GE has been in the past experimenting with the whole 3D fad to come up with an engine that could eventually replace out the metallic bodies, maybe in the future. We have seen several aviation parts in the past being manufactured using 3D printers, especially the non-load carrying components like the fairings.

The most recent development sees GE using 3D printing for an engine of the size of a football that would be used to power the RC planes, though who would right off one of the big boys like the GE-90 using the components right out of a 3D printer. In the past, GE has announced that the upcoming LEAP engines would be using nozzles that would be made out of 3D printer so that the engine would be cost effective.

You can catch the 3D printed aviation engine, called Angel Trumpet in the video above and it is interesting to note that the parts have been manufactured and sketched one by one and have then been assembled together using robust assembling techniques.

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