Watch How an Expert Boeing 767 Pilot Averts a Major Disaster at the Barcelona Airport

Aviation technology has come a long way since the first flight in 1905. However, every now and again, we get these scares which clearly show that we are still some distance from perfecting the art of safe flying. While, flying by air is a lot more safer now than say 30 years ago, things are anything but perfect, and this was demonstrated at the Barcelona airport when a landing Boeing 767 almost collided with an Airbus A340 that was crossing the runway.

Barcelona Runway

The pilots expertly handled the situation and performed a maneuver and lifted the aircraft moments before the touchdown and averted a collision with the A340 that was crossing the runway. After the swift lift off, the pilots performed an expert U-Turn and were able to land safely. The airport authorities were not concerned and said that there was sufficient distance between the two planes, but that cannot be far from the truth as the video shows, it was a proper hearts in the mouth moment.

The aircrafts in scenes were a Boeing 767 flight that was arriving from Moscow run by UT Air, while the aircraft crossing the runway was an Airbus A340 flight flying to Buenos Aires. The operations on the airport were not affected by the scare at all. Now you know all about what happened, time to check it out in real time. Here is the video footage:

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