Watch How Exynos Quad Core Stacks Up Against Dual Core

Every single day you wake up you see a new device launched. It seems it has become everyday mission of companies to try and out do each other , and the best way to do this seems to be by upping the specs of your device. I was left with my mouth open gasping for air when the first quad core processor was announced. So basically now we seem to have just as much processing power on our desktops as we had on our PC as recent as about 2 years ago. I am sure sometimes you all must have wondered how much of a difference does a quad core device such as a Galaxy SIII or an HTC One X and a dual core device such as a Galaxy Note or a SII have. So here is a very valid video by Exynos one of the processor manufacturing company which clearly demonstrate the massive improvement that a quad core device is on a dual core device.


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