Watch iOS 6 Hands On

WWDC 12 was a rather let down. We saw pretty much what we had anticipated that is the new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro line and also Siri doing a lot more than it did earlier like getting you sports updates. However, the one thing we looked forward to most was iOS 6 expecting that maybe Apple would finally make some UI changes. However, none of that happened and we were given few things such as Facebook Integration, Siri On the new iPad and the new Do not Disturb service. Apart from that not really a lot of things stand out from the new Operating System. No widgets were integrated, nor were the notifications revamped. However, just like Google, Apple introduced new maps on the OS which also has the ability to render in 3D as well turn by turn navigation which worked well. The best thing is that these maps will work even on your lockscreen of the device which would mean that you do not have to take the pain of unlocking the device and going all the way to launch the application.

Here is the video of one of the famous Youtubers who got his hands on the iOS 6 beta version for developers.

What is your opinion about it? Do let us know.

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