Search Instantly & Watch Multiple YouTube Videos in Same Window

We’ve told you about famous YouTube Instant, a fun way to search YouTube videos instantly. Now there is another YouTube instant search website known as PsykoTube which not only search videos but play 20 simultaneous videos on the one browser window. Open this website, use the search box to search for any term and it display 20 YouTube video result on one page.

This app comes with some amazing features. Type a keyword in a given search box and move your pointer over of the resultant video to play it. Also adjacent video player attached to that particular video also starts playing but without any sound. If you want to hear a sound, just move your pointer over that video.

There is no start and stop button for any of the given 20 video players. The only method to start the video along with sound is to move your mouse pointer over it.  If you wish to play any single video on the entire screen, just click at the middle of the video player. It will expand the video. Also there is a download button will appear on the screen to download that particular video (not working while testing the service, might work in countries like US). Here are some previous articles focussed on downloading YouTube videos.

Check out Psykotube via Ampercent.

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  1. I love watching videos on youtube and this post helped me…

    Himanshu its better that you use site notification plugin for your blog, so that when people asks any question and if anyone answers the question then it will be difficuilt for them to know whether his question has been answered or not…

    I really loved your blogs look… Keep up the good work 😉

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