Watch Out Samsung Galaxy S3 Official Hands on Video

Samsung Electronics Corporate blog just revealed a hands on video on YouTube of just announced Galaxy S3. The main motive of this video is to display all the main features of this device.

Video explains designs (the beauty of nature) and size of phone which fits perfectly on your hands. Also the famous water ripple wallpaper. The video also shows how fast and powerful this device is. The amazing camera and its burst shot feature which takes 20 pictures at a time and selecting the best picture out of them is amazing.

Video also shows intelligent feature like of you are messaging to any person and in between writing the message you want to talk to that person, just bring your phone near your ear and phone is smart enough to dial a number to that person. Amazing, isn’t it. Also data transfer to other Galaxy S3 device via tapping a phone is second best amazing thing.

Check out the video to know more about this device.


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