Watch Samsung Mobile Show Off Galaxy Note 10.1 In Its First Introduction Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a unique tablet from Samsung that is all set to bring to us the unique capabilities of a Galaxy Note in a bigger and tablet form. The device measures a huge massive 10.1 inch display in what we feel personally a very good design. The tablet is all set to ship with a unique stylus akin Galaxy Note that would let you take notes, make sketches or even edit presentations. The tablet seems like a boon to the office goers as it full fills just about all the requirements any professional could have from a tablet. The device performs extremely capably as it is said to be running the exact same quad core processor that is powering the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Samsung have released their first video showing off this amazing device which focuses solely on the utilities of this tablet. The device is all set to be launched at New York on 15th of this month. However, we got the first sighting of the device at Mobile World Congress earlier this year and by all accounts really impressed all those who got some hands on time. Here is the video from Samsung for you to get a closer look to the Galaxy Note 10.1.


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