Watch Siri Go Head To Head Against Updated Google Voice

Siri and Google voice are simply the two most recognizable and popular voice assistants in the world of Mobile OS which at the moment is littered with such assistants. Samsung introduced it’s S-Voice which did not quite rub the audience as per the plan, and same happened with various other 3rd party apps like Iris, Vlingo etc. Eventually we are left with the most popular ones and the ones that we can extract most utility out of. The battle between Google and Android has always been an intriguing one, be it anything. And with these two voice assistants, pretty much big selling points of the devices from the two giants of Mobile world, it’s obvious there will be comparisons among the voice assistants.

Having used both the applications, I found Siri to be a little too robotic for my liking. It feels like you are talking to a robot. The experience with Google Voice is a little more human like, it feels like a true companion. The Google voice does indeed respond faster and thanks to the massive database of Google usually comes up with accurate results, much better than Siri. To Siri’s credit, the ability to set reminders for future is one thing that Google Voice is not able to do yet. And if rumors are to be believed, Siri would be able to even book movie tickets for you, which could be a good plus point. But so far, Google Voice shades this battle. The card system is really good and helps to keep a record of most things you do regularly in the day. However, for a more depth comparison between the two voice assistants, here is a very interesting video put up by the people at Gizmodo where you can for yourself see how these two giants perform against each other.

Via: BGR


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