Watch Sony Xperia Z Get Assembled In Just 5 Minutes

Gadgets today are robust stuff. They are complicated too especially given how many different components go into a device. You do not really realize this until one of your devices unfortunately gets damaged and you try to repair it, only then you get a good idea how difficult it could be to assemble or arrange a smart phone. However, engineers of Sony, one of the leading players in the smart phone world today have shown they can pretty much give any assembly line a run for their money by assembling the flag ship device of the company, the Xperia Z in just 5 minutes, that’s right only 5 minutes.


So check out this wonderful video of assembling the Xperia Z in a matter of minutes, so that in case you are planning to buy the phone which would be a great choice obviously, you would know how the phone looks right in its bare bones. Here is the video:

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