Watch the Apple WWDC 2014 Keynote Here

Apple announced two major updates at the WWDC 2014, in the form of OSX 10.10 update for Mac OSX and iOS 8 for all the iOS running devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. It was one of the longest keynotes that Apple has ever presented and went on for well over two hours almost. There were loads of product demoes and loads of talk about the development work as it is expected at a developer event.

Tim Cook looked slightly more relaxed than most of the other conferences where we have seen on stage and Craig Federighi was certainly a very pleasant performer on the stage. Sadly, there was no sighting of Phil Schiller, Jonny Ive or Jimmy Iovine, though Federighi did dial to Dr Dre in one of the product demoes. However, the hero of the show were without a doubt the two updates and some of the neat features that Apple has brought with them. This was also the first time, that Apple opened a bit of its metallic gates to the developers to allow them in and to express their full potential. If things do go well and the experiments with widgets and rest of the things work out well, this 25th WWDC could actually be a game changer in terms of Apple and iOS are perceived.

In case, you did not catch the conference and missed out on all the fun, Apple has uploaded the entire conference for you on its website and we will be linking the video right here for you to enjoy and relive the entire WWDC


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