Watch the Assembly of China’s First Man Made Aircraft C919 in 120 Seconds

While Boeing and Airbus have maintained monopoly in the large passenger aircraft segment, there have been a few players who are trying to rope into the trend and make a name for themselves. The likes of Mitsubishi and Embraer are probably the most well-known brands that are trying to give an alternative to the two of the biggest giants in the world of aviation. One new development that has kind of gone under the carpet is a China manufactured and designed aircraft, called C919. The aircraft is made by Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and features a single aisle.


This puts it up against the likes of Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 as a plane capable of serving both short domestic distances as well as medium distances both domestically and internationally. The aircraft is expected to take its first commercial flight in 2016 and already more than 500 orders have been placed for it. Most of these orders are from the domestic Chinese airlines, though GE has also placed an order for 20 planes, which it would further lease out.

The Comac was expected to fly by the end of this year, but in July the plane was pushed back  because of reasons that have not been made public. Not a lot of people are confident of the plane making it big commercially, but another option may just not hurt really.

You can watch the assembling of one such C919 below:

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