Watch the Entire Apple iPhone 5C and 5S Keynote Here

It was a rather odd decision that Apple did not stream the Apple event live when they showcased the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They general view was that the event was a rather low key affair and conducted within Apple’s own headquarters instead of a proper theater or auditorium. Apple wanted to keep the event small and cozy and more old school like. As a result most of us missed out on watching the show unfold live and unless you were present at the venue, you were relying on live text feeds coming in from one of the tech blogs which were present at the venue.

iPhone 5c

However, if you want to relive those moments and see for yourself how the new iPhones were released then Apple have already released the recorded video from the event. You can watch it right here. You will notice that this was one of the shortest keynotes Apple has ever delivered and they did mention it more than once  that you might have already seen these products leaked online and were really in no mood to sit and repeat on things that just about everyone know.

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