Watch the Highlights of Airbus at the ‘best Farnborough Airshow ever’

The farnborough Airshow has just come to an end and there were a plethora of announcements from several big aerospace players. Right from new aircrafts to a small component, there were several things of interest if you are an aviation enthusiast. We wanted to sum up all the important announcements at the airshow for you to read through but were thinking of an efficient way of doing the same.


Airbus has made our work a lot easier by releasing a video on their Youtube channel that envelopes all the major announcements that came from the company. Not only did Airbus announce new aircrafts but also announced new customers for those aircrafts wrapping up what was a fantastic overall airshow from them. The likes of Airbus A380, 350 and the 330 Neo were all on the show at the event. Air Asia’s order of 50 Airbus A330 Neos was certainly a massive news, least bit taking into account the popular kiss that the Airbus CEO, Fabrice Bregier planted on the cheek of Tony Fernandez from Air Asia. Tony Fernandez later on went on to return the kiss favor as a sigh of relief as the multi million dollar deal was signed off.

All the other highlights are beautifully captured in this video right here:

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