Watch The iPhone 5 Housing Being Examined

The iPhone 5 is just around the corner, the parts are leaking and they are leaking fast. We recently saw a lot of images of parts that are supposedly of the upcoming iPhone but what we have now seems too good to be true. BGR has posted an exclusive video with their hands on what looks like the back panel of the new iPhone. We do not know how authentic this is because Apple does take great precautions with the security of their products, but that seems to have changed since Steve Jobs times. If this is the real thing you can expect a lot of changes in the new iPhone from the iPhone 4S. The screen is definitely bigger by at least another .5 inches, the headphone jack is now shifted to the bottom of the device and the speaker grill is different too, the back now seems to have a two tone metal finish. Here is the video:

Via: BGR


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