Watermark Your Important Documents with TSR Watermark Image Software

If you have created an important document or image and would like to protect it from others copying it and calling it their own, you would want to have something on that document that cannot be copied by others so you can safely say that you own the rights to that document or image file.

Watermark is something that is imprinted on a document or image by the creator for proof that it belongs to them and cannot be copied by others. TSR Watermark image is a tool that allows users to do just that. Users can create watermarks and print them on a document to prevent others from copying it.

tsr watermark1

TSR Watermark is easy to use and comes in an installer. Install the software and open the file. Upon opening, you can select an image from your computer and paste it on a document or even an image that you want to call your own. You can also add text and use that as watermark. Add the source file into which you want to add the watermark. Once you have selected the image or added the text that you want to add as a watermark, click on “Next”.

On the Watermarks configuration page, you can customize various features like the size of the watermark, positioning, font if you have added text as watermark, transparency, embossing etc. Once you have configured these options, click Next.

tsr watermark2

On the Save watermarked pictures tab, you have to select the location to save the file, click on the Start button to start the process. This will take a couple of minutes and the file will be saved in the location you selected.

tsr watermark3

Download TSR Watermark Image Software.

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