Ways To Make Your Slow Android Phone A Speed Deamon

Are you still hooked up with that 600Mhz android smartphone and had enough with that laggy hardware? The best way to get about things is to root your phone. If rooting is not your cup of tea (be it warranty issues or a locked bootloader) and you crave for a snappy experience then look no further than these android apps that optimize your smartphone without rooting it.

Task Killer: You think exiting an app closes it. Well you are wrong. Most of the core apps like calendar, notes, clock, etc do not close. Nor do the apps that have notifications turned on like gmail, chomp/handscent sms, facebook, foursquare, whatsapp, gtalk are turned off. Instead they run in the background and take up precious estate in that low RAM(assuming you have a slow/old hardware Ram is generally less than 512mb). Add to that they drain out lots of battery juice. What more? Some games like lane splitter don’t exit on pressing the back button and one has to resort to pressing the home button.

Download and run an application like advance task killer and you’ll be amazed o find out a lot of apps run at the startup without your knowledge. Through the task killer interface you can kill all running apps and save tons of RAM and add hours to your battery. You can also check which apps are not to be killed. Download now and see the difference for yourself.

Battery saver: Hardware technology of yester-years isn’t as efficient as that comes out today. Its very likely that your processor has been manufactured by a 45nm process as opposed to 32nm or 28nm used these days. The older processors take up more energy and deliver less for the same. Even if you bought a budget phone quite recently, its very probable that it uses older internals.

In such a scenario, it’s always advised to equip yourself with a battery saver app. Some apps like anTuTu Battery Saver, adds about 20-25% battery to your phone. Another app like 2x battery takes it steps further by disabling all wireless networks other than cellular when the screen is turned off.

Fast Reboot Pro: Even though you use a task killer, your phone will never be as snappy as when you restart it. But shutting down and then starting it up again takes a lot of time. Fast Reboot pro is one of a kind app that simulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core and user processes (configurable) and thus frees up memory. Your phone should be much snappier after using Fast Reboot Pro and mind you it does all that magic without killing any app.

It also lets you select processes that should be excluded from being restarted/closed.  Schedule automatic fast reboots (e.g. every day at 4am), Option to automatically fast reboot when you unlock your device (from standby) and Comes with a widget to instantly start a reboot.

The whole process takes not more than a couple of seconds. So you barely waste anytime at all.

Change the home-launcher: Leaving aside the Sony Xperia Active Launcher, almost all the home screen launchers that come default with your phone do not do the best job of going around. Accept it, Touchwiz or Sense, there are better and snappier alternatives and when you have a slow hardware, its best you make that jump.

Some home launcher replacements like Zeam launcher or He launcher are very light on space and feel much faster because they are stripped of most unwanted animations. A special mention to launcher pro, it has been around in the market\play store since the very beginning. If simplicity and bug free operation are what you are after, look no further and with a little time spent on it, you can customize almost everything about it.

I hope these little tricks and apps would help you to attain a much snappier performance from your Android device. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free.

Blogtechnika would like to express its gratitude towards Mr. Ankur Jangra for his contributions towards the above post.

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