Windows 7 Weather Alert and Screensaver Tool

Gone are the days when people used to use screensaver on their PC. With extra space usage and slowing down your PC to some extent it is one of the most unpopular thing in PC world. But if you are a huge fan of screensavers and can’t live without it then you should think about a kind of screensaver that gives you some fun and productivity along with its usage.

YoWindows does exactly the same. It is a special kind of application that gives you time to time notification of current weather condition on your computer and also provides you facility to set it as screensaver for your Windows and Mac PC.

Go to YoWindows website and download and install this application on your PC. This tool is free to use. On first run it asks for the default location. Select your city name and it will display all the weather related factors on your screen. It displays real cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, even thunderstorms


It displays a 3 days weather forecast on its interface. In the options panel you can select the units to display. The background image indicates you the real-time condition of the default place. It changes as the lightening condition changes. For example in the sunlight the background picture changes to bright image and in the night it changes to a dark colored image.

This tool also comes in paid version ($10) which removes the limitation of 3-days forecast  (displays up to 6 days forecast) and adding up to 2 cities to see the live weather condition.

Download YoWindow 2.0 – weather station with screensaver for Windows and Mac.

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