Web Design Trends of 2013

A wise man once said that, the only thing constant about a good design is that it changes. We have seen design philosophy change rather drastically in the past year or so. Just as we are getting more capable and powerful machines, the focus is shifting back towards simple and minimalistic design philosophy.

We saw it with Windows 8 and now more recently with iOS 7 which caused a huge uproar with its minimalistic and flat design. Keeping in line with the design of the OS, we have seen several websites changing their designs. The likes of the Verge and TNW have adopted a more minimalistic and simple and clean design philosophy. So what exactly is the trend when it comes to designing a website in 2013?

Here is a very interesting infographic that establishes the argument that we are moving towards a more simple and clean design where texts are big, images are clear and headers are bold. You can also check out the names of websites which have incorporated these designs.

Web Design Trends for 2013

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Via: Visual.ly

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