Weekly Roundup: Chrome Password Sync, Google Docs, Things, Dolphin Browser, FeedTranslate, Grovo, Focus ebook and more

Last week at Blogtechnika I published articles on how to guides, web apps, mobile tools, tricks and  tips to make your computer life easier. In case if you’ve missed any of them, here is a quick recap of all those articles.


Download Latest Google Free SEO Starter Guide

Download Free High Resolution Wallpapers For Your PC Using DeviantArt

Microsoft Releases Halloween Windows 7 Theme

Download Free ebook “Focus” on Killing Distraction and Getting Things Done

How to

How To Block Any User On Facebook

How To Create Event On Facebook

How To Create, Download and Print Document Using Google Docs

How To Sync Passwords In Google Chrome [Canary Build]

How to Find Facebook Application Settings Page

How To Back Up Windows 7 & Windows Vista Registry

Web Apps

Grovo Free Video Course Teaches You To Use Popular Sites

Translate Blogs Feeds In 40 Languages Using FeedTranslate

Get Google News On Your Chrome Browser

Tweak Facebook Using FaceTweak Firefox Addon


Manage Your To-Do List With Things iPhone App

Dolphin Browser: Coolest Browser For Android Mobile


Search Engine History [Infographic]

What Would Happen if Tech Companies Start Making Their Own Cars

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