Weekly Roundup: Chrome TV, YouTube Music Video Lyrics, Facebook Chat history manager and many more

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This week I wrote some interesting posts including some coolest Google Chrome extensions, how to’s related to Windows, iPad, Firefox and Facebook, tip of the day and one cool post on Saturday fun.

Here are the articles I’ve covered last week:

How to Send Images From iPad To Computer Without Using Any App Or iTunes If you are an iPad user, you might know that there is no option to attach files in default Gmail client. Thise guide describes you how you can easily send photos from iPad to other computer using mailing feature.

How To Get Lyrics Of Music Video You Watch On YouTube Video Very few users upload lyrics along with YouTube video. It is difficult to find lyrics of song and switch between lyrics and the YouTube video again and again. YouTube music video lyrics is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that lets you see lyrics of the music video on the same tab.

How To Save Facebook Chat History In Chrome And Firefox Facebook doesn’t provide any option to save the chat so that you can view it later. There is a Facebook and Chrome extension known as Facebook Chat history manager that let’s you save the chat history in online and offline mode so that you can view it anytime. This guide tells you how to setup the add-on and then make a chat history manager account to perform the task.

How To Enable Extensions for Safari 5 Safari recently rolled out with extensions. But it is ot so easy to install it. You should have a look on this guide to install the extension properly. The guide also includes link of unofficial website having Safari extension collection.

How To Take Screenshot On iPad If you used iPhone or iPod touch then you might know this procedure. If not then read this guide which tells you how to take a screenshot on ipad and where to find the taken screenshots.

Watch TV In Google Chrome Browser These days browsers are not only used for opening website purpose. One can watch FIFA World cup matches, play games, as well as watching TV in Chrome browser. This article tells you about one such Chrome extension known as Chrome TV that lets you watch more than thousand channels on your browser within few simple clicks.

How to Disable Browsing History Feature in Firefox If you are using a computer which you share with others then you might not want others to know about the sites you visit. This guide tells about disabling browsing history feature of Firefox so that other user will never know about the websites you visited earlier.

How To Create And Hide Labels In Gmail

Gmail labels are like folders. You can assigned labels to various mails and search them later easily. This  article tells about creating new labels, assigning colors to them and then hide them from the left sidebar of the Gmail’s interface.

How To Decrease The Boot Up Time of Windows PC Using Msconfig There are many factors on which Windows boot up time depends upon such as hard disk space available, RAM and number of programs starts while Windows starts up. Msconfig system configuration lets you control the number of programs startup during starting up Windows. Check this guide to use Msconfig to control number of programs during startup.

How To Disable Cookies In Firefox Browser Cookies are the small files which is stored inside your computer and has data about your preferences, identifying user and many more. It can be used for a wrong purposes. This guide explains you how you can disable cookies permanently or except cookies from only few sites. You can also restrict cookies from any particular site you want.

Amazing Error 404 Page [Saturday Fun] On every Saturday you’ll find one fun article. This week I published a nice Error 404 page that will make you laugh.

Quickly Know About EarthQuake Occurs Anywhere in The World With Earthquake Notifier After installing this app, you might surprised to know that everyday earthquake arrives on more than 6 parts of the World. This Chrome extension fetches data from the USGS (US Geographical Department).

Quickly Search in Google Using URL Gog.is [Quick Tip] If you want to search for any term in Google then there is a quick way to do so. Use Gog.is and then search term in the address bar of any browser. It will give you the Google search result in the browser.

Those are the articles featured last week on Blogtechnika. If you have any tips related to the posts coming on this blog then send it at tips[at]blogtechnika[dot]com.

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