Weekly Roundup: Download Facebook videos, Gmail Signatures, 100Pulse, Nitro PDF Reader And More

It’s Monday again and we bring you the weekly wrap up for those who missed some very nice how to’s and tools covered on this blog last week. I covered tools such as Nitro PDF reader, 100 pulse, Joinext to join MP3s, various step by step how to tutorials and a nice list post to watch FIFA World Cup highlights. Let’s check them in detail:


How To Download Facebook Videos: Browsers provide facilities of addons or extensions to download videos from various video hosting site, but till now there no add-on for downloading Facebook video. But one developer made an addon for it known as Facebook video by which you not only download your favorite Facebookl videos but also convert it to other video format easily.

How To Use Latest Gmail Rich Signature Feature Effectively Gmail rolled out with new signature feature by which you can insert rich text signatures inside your mails easily. This is a step by step guide to find small icons from Google and inserting them into signatures.

How To Get Menus in Windows 7 Explorer to Quickly Jump to Folder Options Windows 7 lacks native menu feature in the explorer. It actually hides by the default settings. You can either keyboard shortcut to display it quickly or change the default setting to appear it permanently.

100Pulse Monitors Your Site’s Downtime And Notifies Quickly If you are a webmaster then you definitely worry about your site’s downtime. The solution of this problem is downtime notifier known as 100Pulse. It monitors your site every 15 minutes and send you notification via email, SMS ot twitter whenever your site goes down.

What Will Happen If You Install Flash On Your iPad Everyone of you might know the fact that iPad lacks Flash feature. However, by the detailed guide of a well known blog Engadget you can first jailbreak and then install flash on your iPad. But you’ll face some disappointments because you can’t see videos or play all the flash games after that. Check out the complete result.

How To Pin Files And Folders To Start Menu In Windows 7 Windows 7 comes with pin feature by which you can send any program to start menu area to instantly launch it. Many of you don’t know that you can also send files and folders to the start menu. It is not straight forward. Check this guide to know about the process.

Nitro PDF Reader: Free Alternative Of Adobe Acrobat Reader Nitro PDF reader is a very nice reader having plenty of features. This article explores all the basic features of this reader along with a video. Check it out.

How To Join MP3 Files In Bulk Using JoinExt There are many software for joining MP3 files. But they are not as easy JojnExt. This is a freely available software through which you can join MP3 files by right clicking and selecting the joining option in the context menu. Check out the detailed step by step process.

Incognito Mode Guide To Google Chrome Incognito mode also known as secret mode or porn mode, where your browsing history and cookies never be saved. Check out this detailed post to know many tricks related to the incognito mode which you might not know about.

How To Delete Cookies Stored By Flash In Your Computer You might be surprised to know that when you delete browser cookies with the help of browser tool then it doesn’t delete all the cookies. Flash also stores some of the cookies, even in the incognito mode, so you can say that your browsing is not secret al all. Delete all the cookies with the help of this detailed guide.

How To Shorten URL Of Google Maps With Native URL Shortener Google map rolled out with native URL shortening feature. If you don’t understand how to use it then check out this tutorial.

5 Best Sites To Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Highlights FIFA World Cup ended and Spain is the winner. You definitely want to repeat all those golden moments happened in this mega event. I collected 5 such awesome sites which will help you to find all the incredible moments of World Cup 2010.

Google Maps 45° imagery: A New Way Of Exploring Maps Google Maps comes with 45 degree imagery. A new feature by which you can see some place of US and the entire world in 45 degree tilt view. It will help you to check the places in more detail.

How To Create a System Restore Point in Windows 7 Are you bothered by the slow boot time of your PC. It might be due to several programs set to open during start process. You can disable all the unnecessary programs to help Windows to start quickly.

How To Upload Flickr Photos To Facebook This article talks about a third party tool known as Flickr to Facebook by which you can send your Flickr photos to Facebook albums in few basic steps.

How To Know Your Computer’s Boot Time The small application known as PC Boot Time which tells you about the exact time taken by your PC to boot up. Check it out.

How To Delete Browsing History in Chrome This is a step by step tutorial to delete browsing history in Google Chrome. You can delete cookies, cache, website history stored in your computer easily. You can also choose what to delete and what not from the browser history.

How To Download Facebook Photo Albums You can download entire Facebook albums easily with the help of Firefox addon known as Facepad. It is easy to use, hassle free and takes less time to download your album.

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