Weekly Roundup: Dropbox, Autoruns, Punchcast, AirDropper, ClipConverter, SugarSync & More

Last week on Blogtechnika we published some cool posts about latest tools, web applications, and how tos.  We covered two nice file backup and sync tools namely Dropbox and Sugarsync. Also we published a guide to download Facebook videos easily. Here is a quick roundup of posts for those who missed them last week.

How To Install Dropbox (File Backup and Sync Software) On Your Computer: Dropbox is a well known tool to backup and sync files across different computers. This is a step by step guide to install Dropbox on your computer and use it.

Find Out All The Autostart Programs And Processes Using Autoruns: Sometimes MSConfig unable to figure out the startup programs. This tool gives you detailed description of startup programs and processes. Check it out.

How To Switch To Full Screen Mode in Google Reader: Google reader rolled out with new feature by which user can remove all the clutter by switch to full screen mode immediately. It will help those users who spend quality time in reading articles on the reader interface.

Punchcast: Password Generator For Different Sites: Social media and social networking sites are boons for people but sometimes it generates a problem. Using same problem over various sites creates security issue. Punchcast generates different passwords for different sites with the help of master password. Check out this cool tool.

Now Non Dropbox Users Can Send Files To Your Dropbox Account Using AirDropper [How To]: One of the greatest restriction Dropbox users faced early is non-Dropbox users were unable to upload files over others Dropbox account. But now it is possible with the help of AirDropper. Check out this guide to use this tool.

How To Convert YouTube Videos In Audio And Video Formats Online: ClipConverter is a nice tool which converts YouTube videos into various audio and video formats. The nice thing is that conversion took place early that downloading video. It saves your time and bandwidth.

How To Backup Your WordPress Blog (Scheduled Online Backup): WordPress blogs are no doubt big asset for bloggers. Due to hackers attacks and other phishing attacks chances of losing data is always alive. To get rid of this situation, it is better to save a proper backup in a vault so that you can easily get back all your data in such conditions. Online backup for Wordrpess plugin performs the backup quite well.

How To Use SugarSync To Backup and Sync Data Across Different Computers: Like Dropbox, Sugarsync is also a backup and sync tool. It has some advantages and disadvantages over Dropbox. The biggest advantage is its price factor. Check out this detailed guide to install and use SyncBack on your computer.

Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos: This web app is the easiest, coolest and shortest method to download Facebook videos. Just copy and paste the video inside the box and click on download button to download the video. Check out this tool.

How To Keep Your Facebook Account Secure From Phishing Attacks: Facebdook provides lots of security features that save your account from phishing attacks. Adding devices and removing them remotely is one of the nicest feature Facebook have. Check out this guide to use these features affectively.

Dirpy Converts YouTube Videos to MP3 Easily: Like ClipConverter, Dirpy is another cool tool that converts YouTube video into MP3 music file easily. It comes with some cool features. Check them out.

So these were some cool post on Blogtechnika published last week. This week you’ll see some other very nice guides and tools that can solve your computer related problems. So stay connected with this blog.

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