Weekly Roundup: Yogile, Airfoil, Google Instant, Librarian, Recuva and Much More

Last week on Blogtechnika we published many insightful posts about software, applications, how tos, guides, and a cool list post. If you didn’t catch them last week, here is a quick recap of all the articles. Check them out.

10 Must Have Windows 7 Tools For Power Users: A must read for al the Windows users. This articles tells about all the top software available for various needs.

How To Monitor Your Internet Bandwidth Usage: Having problem with tracking the internet connection bandwidth usage. Check this cool tool to solve your problem.

Everything You Want to Know about Google Instant: Google rolled out with a new Instant feature which provides search result before completing the keyword in the text box, before hitting the search button. Check out this post to know more about the latest feature of Google.

YouTube Instant: Like Google Instant, Youtube instant is also available but not on an official YouTube site, but on a web application made by Standford University student. Later a job was offered by YouTube CEO to the developer of YouTube Instant on Twitter.

Airfoil Increases You Laptop’s Battery Life: A cool tool to increase battery life of your laptop by changing the appearance and other settings when power has plugged on or off.

A Comprehensive Guide To Windows 7 Library: Windows 7 is a the most the useful feature of Windows7 but people rarely use it because they don’t know its power. This post describes all tits features in a comprehensive way.

Manage Your Windows7 Libraries Using Librarian: If you are a frequent Windows7 library user then you should shift to this tool to increase your efficiency. This tool manages all the library feature in a single interface.

How To Rip Audio CD and Convert MP3 to Various Formats: A nice tool that rip udio CDs and also it converts various audio formats into other.

How To Recover Accidently Deleted Files In Windows Using Recuva: The most useful tool if you mistakenly delete any file of your computer. It search for the deleted files and if it si not overwritten then it successfully recover it.

Yogile Makes Photo Sharing and Collection Easy: A perfect replacement of Flickr and comes with pretty nice feature using which user can easily collects photos clicked on party or function by just sending the emails to the owner of photographs. Check the detailed guide.

This week we’ll publish some more cool tools, web apps and how to on this blog. So stay connected with us via Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds.

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