Weekly Roundup: YouTube Social, WhoCrashed, Evernote, DOSShell & more

Last week we published so many interesting posts about tools, how to’s web apps and a nice list post about 10 websites to find game cracks easily. In case you missed any of it, here’s a quick recap of all the articles published last week.

10 Websites To Find Game Cheat Codes Easily

How To Securely Delete Files In Windows 7

How Massive Is Google [Inforgraphic]

How To Find Top iPhone/iPad Apps Quickly and Easily

How To View, Copy, Extract Videos, Audio, Images Stored in Browser Cache

How To Run DOS Applications in Windows 7 PC

How To Change Taskbar Color in Windows 7

How to Find Crappy Software Which Causes Blue Screen Of Death

The Secret Behind TOI Volkswagen Audio Device & Future Of Advertising

Dropmocks: Easiest way to Share Photographs on Internet

Fastest Way To Check IMDb Movie Rating

Surprising Facts About Online Education [Infographic]

YouTubeSocial:Collaborate With Friends While Watching YouTube Video

Quickly Save Interesting Online Stuffs Using Evernote [Chrome Extension]

Send Email to Groups Using Google Apps mail account

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