WeeTranslate: Yet another tweak for the iOS 5

The new iOS 5 seems to have bought a real revolution with a new trick and widget being launched just about every single day and the pace seems a bit too much to keep up. The latest in the list of tweaks is WeeTranslate.

Phones are often our only companions when we go on a trip abroad so its obvious they must come in handy with a solution when we are faced with a problem deciphering a language. WeeTranslate exactly helps us to do that. It adds a widget to the notification center of the iOS 5 and helps to easily translate the languages.


WeeTranslate’s features are:

  • Translates to a 5-languages ??(English, Italian, Spanish, German, French).
  • Uses the translation engine in the world’s most famous (Google Translate).
  • Free, fast, convenient, low-bandwidth data.

To get his wonderful widget you must have your iPhone jailbroken , and search for WeeTranslate.

Ever since the announcement of the iOS 5 came about, it seems all the developers have set themselves in the race to develop the widgets for the new operating system on the popular range of I devices. We at Blogtechnika would as usual strive to bring as many tweaks and widgets for you as possible cause it seems the onslaught will continue for a while.

[via Redmondpie].

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