What’s new in Windows 8 task manager?

Microsoft said that the new task manager has been designed keeping in mind what people do with the previous versions of Windows task manager.

Ryan Haveson the group program manager Microsoft’s “In Control of Your PC team” said that people mostly used task manager to kill processes and end tasks which weren’t responding and to know the memory consumption by each task; they spend most of their time on the first 2 tabs.

“People are spending most of their time using the first two tabs, which are pivoted

Around views of applications and processes, we determined that the most common usage of the tool was to simply end or “kill” an application or a process,”

Microsoft has optimized Windows 8 task manager and it only shows the running apps and no other tabs. “After taking out all of the extras, you are left with a tool that is great at one thing: killing a misbehaving app” said Ryan Haveson

You also get a colorized heat map view in Windows 8 task manager which makes sure that you can easily identify the application which is causing trouble for your system and eating up resources. “Think of this as a warning indicator, letting you know a good place to start looking if you are experiencing performance issues,” said Haveson.

The new task manager groups application and processes to make your life a little easier. “We made it more streamlined for mainstream users, and more detailed for power users.” said Haveson.

You can also right click a process and search the web to learn more about it.
Microsoft has really put a lot of effort in Windows 8 and the task manager tweaks really look good.

[via Winrumors].

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