What did the Revolutionary iMan Means to Me

In what has been a rather young and a very short journey into the maze of life, i like to believe i have learnt a lot. I have lost many near and dear ones and had life changing experiences. One such day was the day I decided to jump into the vast of technology and do what I love the most. But one man who influenced my thinking a lot and probably was the inspiration behind me even getting into this world of technology that today i so proudly call ‘my world’ was Steve P. Jobs. Yes, yesterday i lost my hero, my inspiration and motivator.

I was just another young kid growing up until a sunny afternoon i lay my hand on the very first iPod. The music sounded so much better, the click wheel was such an innovation, the screen looked superb and it was chick-let thin. In short, i was hooked, and i wanted it. After lots of struggles, I got my first Apple product. I was a fifteen year old who knew nothing about Technology back then, but i knew it this was the most awesome thing ever. Apple was the best fruit! From there on it became a constant habit to check stuff on Apple and soon Steve’s story was the Roy of the Rovers stuff for me, he seemed to defeat everything that came his way and a part of me thought of him like my superman. Be it formation of Apple in a small garage, NeXT or Pixar, or even the dramatic return to Apple, the man was indeed a genius. I wanted to be like him, i wanted to learn technology too. Listening to podcasts, reading tutorials and just generally reading a lot made sure I bagged the job to write to reach you all through the world of Blogtechnika. But I was still a massive admirer of Apple and since have owned practically all their products. No, I am not an Apple fanboi, cause i love Android and a million other products just as much but yes, i am a Steve Jobs Fanboi!!!

Watching keynotes and WWDC headed by the genius himself was a routine and i loved him, the charismatic presence, no nonsense approach, the usage of adjectives like awesome, amazing and all, it was all fantastic! The black polo shirt and light blue jeans man certainly changed what stage presentation was all about. Yes, i was never fortunate enough, maybe too young to dream to meet him too, but i will miss him, yes i did not know him personally, but his designed iPhone, iPod and iPad are probably some of the things most dear to me, they bring my loved ones closer and probably are the two things i turn to when lonely and in the need to get lost in the virtual world! That is how massive the guys contribution was in my life! Today I am in the world of Technology and contributing my two cents to the wonderful world of Blogtechnika just because Steve inspired me to, to take a chance , a risk and do what I love.

The world has definitely lost a genius and one of the greatest innovators of all time. He was the Edison of our generation, pride of our generation and a leading light, here is to the Genius that Steve was and hoping that the present generation would carry n his legacy of doing simple things in the most outstanding way and like he would say, stay hungry and stay foolish!!


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  1. I’m kind of getting sick of hearing how revolutionary Steve Jobs was. The guy was all about creating the Star Bucks clique for the computer/electronics industry. Everything Steve Jobs ever created were things that people didn’t need, but they were willing to pay top dollar for just to keep up with the next guy. He took great pride in creating weird-looking, underpowered PCs, and little Walkman ripoffs that sounded terrible. The iPhone was a good idea, but like every Apple product, was quickly overshadowed by far greater and more useful products with far better reception.

    My sadness about Steve Jobs comes from knowing that Steve Jobs died of a horrible disease, and that he died as a self-proclaimed Buddhist.

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