What Do You Expect From Upcoming iPhone 5

So guys it’s the time of the year again when the new iPhone rumors start to surface. Surprisingly though this year it has been rather quiet, in fact a lot of reports even suggesting the fact that new iPhone may not be out until the beginning of September and the WWDC this year would only showcase the new phone and would go for sale only in September.

It definitely is a heartbreaking new for the Apple die hard fans but definitely they are all just rumors as apple have not said anything official about the new phone. Here are some of the rumored details of one of the most awaited handsets of the year. Let us see how many do we get on the mark.


  • The phone would be called iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5.
  • It would support a dual core A5 CPU just like the iPad 2.
  • The camera sensors would be made by sony and the back camera may have a resolution upto 8 MP.
  • HSPA+ support is expected.
  • Do not hold your breath for 4G because it is extremely unlikely that iPhone would go that route.
  • The form factor is expected to remain the same with minute changes and better speaker system.
  • The screen resolution and size may not be altered either.
  • An overhaul in notification system could well be on the cards.

All in all it may be fair to say that we should not expect a whole lot of changes in the new iPhone and this update may just be like the one of iPhone 3G to 3GS.

What do you expect from the new iPhone. Do let us know?

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  1. Apple iPhone, will always be the first choice for any potential customer, so rumours can;t affect it’s lovers.

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