What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?

As people who breathe technology in and out, we have got into this very wrong habit of judging people with the technology or the consumer electronics product they use. Yes, before everyone jumps on it saying that is wrong to do, we are well aware of it. I mean it is perfectly possible that a pretty 23 year old tall girl could be using a Nokia 1100, but come on, would that not be a turn off seriously? You are lying if the answer is no, and yes Nokia 1100 is not even a smart phone. But I hope you get the drift that today smart phones have become a status symbol and as a result the phone you carry in the pocket speaks volumes about you. Long gone are the days when phones were luxuries and things that could make a call or drop a text. Today, if they are out dated or old and shabby, then well, be prepared for some odd looks. So, what really does your phone tell more about you. Let’s try and classify.

1) Android Phone (Version 4.0+): If you are rocking a smart phone which is any version about Android 4.0, then chances are you are well aware of the latest technology in the world. You have obviously sufficient money to spend and enjoy the freedom and customization.  On top of it, if your device is rooted and running some custom firmware, you are a proper Tech nerd and chances are you spend at least a couple of hours every week setting your phone up for that perfect look. You experiment with launchers and various kinds of browsers and the word that scares you the most is ‘bricked’.

2) Android Phone (Version 2.3 or below): If you are on a smart phone, that is Android and rocking a version 2.3 or below, then well the chances are you are already ancient. It is but obvious that your phone is not getting the support for ICS, so you are also behind technology. Obviously you are lazy and not daring enough to upgrade to ICS even if it is available via custom rooting. You surely don’t use too many applications and are a set that are content making phone calls and dropping an odd messages here and there, and use phone like it was meant to be. You are borderline case who feels he gels in the crowd with the name of Android, but in reality you are light years behind. Now come on, go ahead and pick that latest Android phone, you are missing out on so much more.

3) iPhone: If you own an iPhone, any iPhone, the first thing that strikes the mind is that you have money to burn. You are not necessarily very advanced technologically, unless you were in the Apple ecosystem much before the iPhone even came out. Hence you are just following a trend and not really interested in freedom and customization. You like your gadget to talk about you more than you can talk about it. You like things simple, easy and things that generally work. Chances are, your favorite game is Angry birds or temple run and you have little clue about big tech jargons like firmware version, cooked firmware etc.

4) iPhone And Android: Chances are if you own an iPhone and an Android device that you are a tech reviewer. You love your technology and understand that both sets of OS have their own merits. You like the best of both worlds and are the only set of people in the world who never look out for the judgement in the patent saga. You like elegance of iOS and customizations of Android, and in real life too you like to live on your own terms and conditions. Someone dictating to you is not acceptable, and you never fall into the rugged debate of Android vs iOS

5) Blackberry: If you own a Blackberry, either you are a teenager who is fascinated with BBM and love putting your own pictures clicked in the mirror as your Profile Picture; Your status messages have shorter expiry dates than a newly opened bottle of soda, or you are simply a corporate guy who lives in the inbox of his E-Mails. If you are anything but these two, then you are leading an extremely frustrated life with your phone and you fling it across the room at free will. You actively ask people if they can buy the phone off you so you can move to pastures green. And in case you love your BB, then let’s be honest, you have no clue how far ahead the technology has gone. You like to live your life in a bubble thinking it’s all about connecting with people and not really getting the most value for your money.

6) Windows Phone: If you own a Windows Phone device, chances are you know very well what you are doing. You have a taste that is different from the world, and love experimenting. You like simplicity in life and always are on the lookout for what’s latest in the world. You are happy in a limited world as long as it is functional. Chances are you are a Microsoft die hard and have been following technology for a really long time. You are classy yet down to earth.

7) Symbian Devices On Nokia: Chances are you either do not care at all about your device given the financial strains or you are a die hard Nokia romantic. If you are still rocking one of those unbreakable N-79 or N-81 or even E-71, then you simply are too old to be involved in the game of technology. You are laid back and enjoy the feel of your devices much more than really bothering about what it can do. You like your world when it works and are not really bothered about playing games and such things. Chances are you are still stuck up playing NFS Hot Pursuit on your Windows 98 PC.

I hope you got a fair idea of where you stand in this rapid moving world of Technology and reading this post you are more open to experimenting with different options available in the market today. Do let us know which phone you are rocking and if you are now planning to switch reading our post.


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