What Exactly Happens On Facebook After You Click Report

We all have at one point or another have encountered some stuff on facebook that was not suppose to be there. Could be someone pretending to be a friend or just posting random bullshit about your best friend. The point is that the Report button on facebook is probably used just as much as the like or share button. But privacy has always been a concern for people on Facebook, i mean you are sharing some of the most intimate information with the internet through facebook so the chances of things going awry  is very real. So what exactly happens when you click the report button?

Well Facebook has been pretty transparent about its working, and staying true to their ways, they have published a detailed guide to what exactly happens when you press the report button and where exactly and who registers your report. This is what Facebook published for its viewers:

“There are dedicated teams throughout Facebook working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle the reports made to Facebook. Hundreds of Facebook employees are in offices throughout the world to ensure that a team of Facebookers are handling reports at all times. For instance, when the User Operations team in Menlo Park is finishing up for the day, their counterparts in Hyderabad are just beginning their work keeping our site and users safe. And don’t forget, with users all over the world, Facebook handles reports in over 24 languages. Structuring the teams in this manner allows us to maintain constant coverage of our support queues for all our users, no matter where they are.

Check out the entire explanation by Facebook.

You can also view the entire detailed infographic here.


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