What Google Suggests You About Blogging

Google auto suggestion is no doubt one of the important feature to find out relevant result. It helps me a lot in find some great software alternative and other results. This morning just for curiosity, I tried to know what Google is suggesting about blogging and the results where not so exciting. Here is a screenshot of what Google suggest to me. I strongly disagree with few results.


It may be topic of discussion that blogging is journalism or not but other points are obviously not true.

What you guys think about the result. Express your views in the comment section.

4 Responses

  1. Although Google Suggestion Helps a lot, but at Times it reveals some funny results too!
    But actually Google suggests what People have searched before!

    I too Agree with Himanshu here! And about it is journalism or not?
    For some, it may be and for some it may be not! Everyone have Different Views!

    Good Work Bhai!

  2. hmmm. i didn’t thought people thing this way for blogging but i think blogs are the best things that can happen to internet. it provides the best and latest info which is ready to be shared, discussed etc with a click of a button

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