What Happens If anyone Ignore a Friend Request in Facebook?

Facebook is emerging as a top social networking site in the World. The main reason behind this is apart from social networking anyone can use it as a social media to distribute news, emotions, thoughts and there are many Facebook applications are there to entertain people.

These days it is common that people whom we don’t know send us a friend request. These friend request are either to increase the social reach of the person or its a tactics to serve the product to maximum person. Also there are certain friend request from a person who is known to us we hadn’t talk to a person when we were in contact. Example a friend request from a guy who never talk to you in a college. We find very weird to ignore such a friend request. But you can ignore thier friend request without any hesitation.


You can ignore the friend request sent to you by clicking on “Ignore” button. This will remove the request from your request list and the person whose friend request is declined will not be notified by Facebook. In future they can able to send another friend request.

If you do not take any action on their friend request, they will not able to send you any other friend request. If they search you in a search box provided on the Facebook , your status will appear as a pending friend request, until you accept their friend request.

Thanks Facebook Blog

So are you going to ignore those crap persons in your Facebook World?

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  1. I am not much with Facebook yet, but trying to get into Facebook and Twitter as to get the best out of it. Good tips shared

  2. Yeah! i have 5 members in Pending list!
    The worst part in facebook is, my friends keep sending me, join mafia wars, car race , quizes, birthday calender… and i could see 100 other pending requests!
    each time they send it will popped @ notification bar!
    and whenever i see one, i will be thinking some1 might have commented on my status or fav links! hmmm no no , they have actually sent me a request to join mafia wars and how i could save them!

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