What Is Priority Inbox And How Does It Work In Gmail?

Gmail is without any doubt the most single popular E-mail client out there. There would hardly be anybody on the planet who uses the internet and does not own a gmail account. Everyone does it, and it’s really good and fast and clutter free. Recently Google have added a lot of features to Gmail, things like priority inbox, starred etc. Now, most of these features are really useful if used properly. Priority inbox is one of them. It basically segregates your most important e-mails from the ones you do not want, like a spam from the inbox. If you are also curious and have never had a proper understanding of how exactly a priority inbox work, and what settings of it you can fiddle around with, then here is the video that would tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful feature from Gmail. And trust me, once you understand, e-mailing would never be the same.


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