What is Registry in Windows

Many times you might have heard about registry with your friends who are computer expert. Computer experts use registry editor to edit registry files and make changes in Windows (here’s one example). But registry is also one of the most scary term used in Windows. It is because while editing registry file if you make any unwanted changes then your computer could become inoperable or fail to boot. So it is advisable not to touch registry editor if you are not an expert.

What is registry

Registry is a database of important Windows files that contains information about your computer hardware, software, programs and settings, user accounts and many other things. Every process happening inside your computer needs information from registry and Windows regularly access those information.

What is registry editor

It is an inbuilt tool in Windows for advanced users who can make changes inside registry. You can go through it by clicking “Start” button and typing regedit in the search box. You can go through all the registry folders and files and make changes in the settings easily. Windows also regularly make changes in registry while you install any new program, add any new hardware etc.


It is advisable to make a backup of registry before making any changes. Also check the authenticity of the source where you find the document which instructs you to make the change in registry. Only change the value in registry, don’t delete any file or folder.

What are registry cleaners

When you use your computer, timely some registry files may get corrupt which results in slow down of PC. Many programs offers free registry cleaning and many of them contains spyware, adware or trojans. Using these programs could be harmful to you because it reduces speed of your PC as well as it can steal some important information.

It is advisable to use Revo Uninstaller which is also included in our 10 most powerful Windows applications list. When you uninstall any program using Windows default uninstaller then it leaves the traces of program in the form of registry which is of no use. Revo helps in removing those traces.

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