What Is The Main Aim Of Blogging: Blogging For Money Or Blogging For Interest

Blogging is a feeling of freedom. You don’t need any boss to give you instructions to do any work; The more you do a hard work, more you get, blogging is completely your work your own journey to do some hard work on your blog. In my earlier article I told you about 10 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Professional Blogger. Now I am going to tell you about the aim of Professional Blogging. Why are you spending your potential time in front of your computer? What is your ultimate goal? Is something big is waiting for you? Is money is the only reason you are spending your time on internet?


I am exploring some factual aims of Professional Bloggers. Here are some points which could be a reason for any normal person to tend towards professional blogging.

Bogging and Journalism

In this growing world blogs are the medium to publish news. Your blog is your own newspaper. The internet newspaper where you are the journalist and you are the publisher. . If we want to give blogging a secondary name, then it would be named as Journalism.
Every blogger publish some news or some creative article on web. So if you dream ever of becoming a news publisher in any niche then you may choose blogging as your career.


Blogging brings lots of money. There are lots of ads agency which are ready to spend several dollars on an ad’s slot for blogs. There are several other money making schemes like Google Adsense, Chitika, Buy sell adswhich can be a nice source of income if used effectively.Bloggers are making decent amount of money by devoting their time on internet.


Blogging brings lots of reputation. Bloggers get time to time invitation for bloggers meets organised by big corporate. They get 5 star treatment for just tweeting the event live and publishing some review about the product

Attending bloggers meet

 Blogging meets are a perfect source of meeting new peoples in a particular field. There are several blogging event organized all over the world, some famous events are Wordcamp, Barcamp,Twitter meet.

Having approached by corporate

 If you did very well in the field of blogging such that you have more than thousand blog feed readers and having a huge traffic on your blog then it would be possible that you could approached by different corporate sectors to put their ads on your blog. This is really a hilarious moment for any blogger.

Famous among friends

 I am sure all of your friends talk about your work and your blogging habit could be a hot a topic of discussion among your friends specially girls. Everyone just become curious about your changed habit. Everyone wants to know the blogging term from you. You could be the next rock star among your friend.

You can start your own business

Blogging opens the door of lots of opportunities. If you are a tech geek who can play with codes and have a clear vision of web designing or have any other ability like Webmaster, SEO expert so you can open your own services on your blog. It will definitely help your readers if they face any technical issue on their blog and also a quick source of income for you.


 You can use your blog as a guide for some particular niche. Suppose you have a great knowledge of cinema and movie making then you can share your knowledge among your readers. It will make your authority and you can open small training programs for some source of income.

Discipline in your life

Blogging brings discipline in your life. Working in front of computer for 10 to 15 hours never let you do some other crap work. Remember the time when you waste several hour in doing some meaningless post on Orkut community  in which you wasted your time earlier. Blogging is a passion and a blogger can leave any obscure work in love of blogging.

Master in your trade

 Blogging is not only writing article, market them successfully and earning money, blogging also involves a crucial stage i.e. learning new things from others. After doing lots of research work any blogger becomes a master in his trade and can help other fellow bloggers and gain lots of reputation and authority.

At last I want to say that Blogging is an interest work, nobody can force himself to past time on internet, its depends upon our interest. Making money through blogging is a secondary aim.

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8 Responses

  1. i can bet 90% of the bloggers blog for money
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Top Commentator Winner Announced at IndianCashMaker =-.

  2. I blog for all the above reasons stated except “Famous among friends” because many of friends even close one are not so aware and geekish.

    I agree most of them may be blogging running behind money but I would say “Money” is the only things that keeps you sticked to something. Without money no one will waste that amount of time or simply he will say “ohh, I don’t get time for it”

    Not only money, but I want to be known as reputed blogger. If not me, people should know me saying – “Yes, he is author of Blogsolute.com”

    So, Himanshu, What do you want to achieve from Blogging?
    .-= Blogsolute´s last blog ..Sony Ericsson Launches Three smartphones in India – Satio, Aino, and Yari =-.

    • @Blogsolute Thanks for your input mate! Very nice thoughts.

      I want to achieve everything in life. Money is secondary thing, blogging doesn’t depend on money , it depends on interest. I know many bloggers who start blogging to earn money but they hide in a dark with time. My aim is to achieve all the targets I set up for my blog. I want to achieve more and more readers for my blog so that my articles could reach to maximum readers. Also I want to spread awareness of Blogging in India where very less persons know about it.

  3. Blogging for interest follow Money 🙂
    .-= Anish K.S´s last blog ..‘DHOOM 2? On Sunday 1 Nov At 8:00 PM on Sony Entertainment Television =-.

  4. That was a true line – ” wasting several hours in doing some meaningless post on Orkut community ” – Because I was one 😀
    .-= srivathsan.GK´s last blog ..College Exams – One Week Blogging Break =-.

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