What Is The Real Cost Of Owning An iPhone (An Infographic)

iPhones are pretty darn expensive and a lot of people save for ages in order to own that piece of luscious mobile device. Yes, above everything, today owning an iPhone  is a status symbol just like owning a big sedan or a luxury SUV is. There have even been reports that people have happily sold of their kidneys to own one of these devices. So how often have we sat and wondered what is the real cost of owning this device? We either pay a downright amount of about $700 to have an unlocked version or the ones in US pay about $199 to have it locked to a particular carrier for 2 years. Yet, the funny thing is the consumer still over pays. Apple have always been known to be a bit of price suckers and it is very evident and true when it comes to iPhone. So here is an interesting bit of ‘iPhongraphic’ published via ‘Mashable’ that really paints the true picture of what the device really costs it’s die hard customers.

Via: Mactrast

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