What is Windows 8 Picture Password feature?

Windows 8 is almost on every mind and Microsoft wants it to be that way until the final release, that’s why they keep coming up with some or the other news related to windows 8. Yesterday Microsoft gave details on one of the “cool” feature of Windows 8 – Picture password.

If you don’t know, the picture password feature allows a windows 8 user to put up any picture as a password and draw three different patterns on the picture to login.


This kind of login system is primarily aimed for tablets and PC’s with touch screen.

Since everything little thing has a patent today, Microsoft did exactly the same and filed for a patent way back in 2008.

The working of the picture password feature depends on dividing the picture into grids. The longer dimension is divided into 100 segments and the shorter dimension is divided on that scale so that you can draw gestures on the created grid. In this you can use gestures and sign into your account. Different combinations can be made out of gestures so as to improve the security of your picture password.

This is what Zach Pace of Microsoft said in a blog post:

Picture password is provided as a login mechanism in addition to your text password, not as a replacement for it, you should be sure to have a good hint and use safeguarding mechanisms for your text password, which you can still always use to sign in

Although we’re very happy with the robustness of a picture password, we know that there are a variety of businesses for which security is paramount. We’ve implemented group policy that gives a domain administrator the freedom to choose whether picture password can be used. And of course, on your home PC, picture password is optional as well”

Here’s a video on Picture Password feature of Windows 8

[via Winrumors].

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