What is Windows Update and How it Works

I think every Windows users should be aware with the term Windows Update. If not, then let me tell you that Microsoft provides security updates in the OS time to time. You can download and install updates through a medium known as Windows Update. But the question is, is it really important to install those updates? What will happen if I don’t install update. Is your antivirus software is capable to secure your PC. I went through several articles on internet where it is written that if you are an individual who don’t do too much work on your PC then it’s not necessary to install updates. What a crap!

Windows Update is a crucial part of computer security, whether you work more or less. If your computer has loop holes then chances of entering malware or Trojan or other harmful elements are more. Who knows it can carry your important data such as credit card number, passwords etc. from your computer to someone’s else. Therefore, from security point of view, it is important to update your OS time to time.

Why Windows Update is necessary

You can understand it with the help of example of your own home. While leaving your home, if you use strong lock for the security but keep one of the window open then how can we say that there is no chance of any intrusion. Similarly Windows has certain vulnerabilities. But Microsoft engineers (white hat hacker team) work hard to find any possible security holes. And after finding it, Microsoft provides you the patches in the form of Microsoft update file. These updates protects your PC from any newly discovered threat. Also it keeps you aware about all the updates. On the other side team of black hat hackers work to find the security loopholes to target your PC. Therefore to protect your PC at the maximum level you should install all the updates time to time.

How Windows Update Works

When you start the process Windows update connects your computer to the Windows update website. Certain software scans your OS and find whether your computer needed an update or not. If needed, then it provides the update file to your computer to download. You have to download and install the file and then restart your PC to complete the update process. Installing update is just like installing any software. You need to click on Install button to install the updates but in reality Windows update file is not in executable .exe format. It’s format is .MSU and they are better known as Microsoft update file. One more important thing is all the updates are provided by Microsoft absolutely free.

How to Update your PC using Windows Update

Click the Start button, type windows update in the search box. In the list of results, click on Windows Update.


On left pane, click on Check for updates.


It will start checking for updates. If any updates found, click Install updates to install them.


There are two kinds of updates Microsoft provides you. First is important updates and second is optional updates. You must go for important updates to keep your computer safe and secure. You should also install optional updates depending on your needs. For example when I checked for automatic update, it displayed 32 optional language packs which I don’t needed.


How to turn on automatic update

Microsoft generally releases important updates on the second or fourth Tuesday of the month. But there is no fix pattern of updates. It can be available anytime. Therefore, it is better to keep automatic update ON so that all the updates will automatically downloaded and installed as soon as they available.

If you’d like Windows to install important updates as they become available, turn on automatic updating. Important updates provide significant benefits, such as improved security and reliability. You can also set Windows to automatically install recommended updates, which can address non-critical problems and help enhance your computing experience. Optional updates are not downloaded or installed automatically.

Go to Windows Update and click on Change settings on the left.


Click on the Important update drop down and choose option Install updates automatically (recommended). Click OK.


That’s it. Your PC is configured to update automatically. No hassle of clicking the install button to install all the updates.

I am not using genuine Windows 7, should I go with Windows Update

No, don’t try it ever. It will ruin everything. You need to install Microsoft on your PC again. Windows Update website also checks whether the OS you are running is genuine or not and  it provides you such a file that prevents you to use pirated software. And it’s a nice move by Microsoft to control privacy. Therefore if you are using pirated version of Windows then your computer is less secure in comparison with those who use genuine Windows.

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  1. Hello, i would like to know if there is a way to delete “Failed entries” in the Update History. It’s not a big problem, but I would like to see this log cleared and tidy!

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