What Is Your Future As A Blogger?

Blogging is a great job for those who love to write something on web and has a perfect marketing capability. Bloggers are passionate peoples. They love research and writing their experience on their blog. But there is a lot bloggers who are strugglers. They struggle to find their goal. They struggle to make money online. They don’t know how to fulfill parents need. Here I am discussing few common points about bloggers which are very crucial for them.


Credit: Michael Borkosky

Bloggers are Passionate

Bloggers are always passionate about their work. Most of the bloggers love to stick with their computer day and night just for their blogging passion. Their ultimate goal is to fetch their blog with lots of data and rank their blog on the top.

Blogging and Parents

It is very difficult to convince parents about blogging work. Most parents don’t know about blogging and they always think that their kid is wasting time in front of computer screen. Most of the parents get worried about their child’s future. They also very cautious about child’s health.

Blogging and Money

Blogging is directly proportional to money. But making money online is not such an easy task. It require kick ass hard work. Bloggers need to dedicate towards their work. Consistency, hard-work, dedication are the pillar of blogging. One can’t make online reputation and money without these things.

Future of Blogging

Blogging means research, writing articles and marketing. But what beyond this? In this world there are many probloggers who continuously doing hard work, day and night and making an online reputation. But there are many who give up blogging easily because of less income and deviate from work. They get involved in different work such as designing, coding, web development, software development work.

Blogging is a correct path

Blogging is such a fantastic work which teach us about all the enormous scope in the computer world. Before blogging I was a telecom engineer in a company in NCR.  After becoming a blogger I got to know about various opportunities available on the internet. I can work as a freelancer to made immediate money. I can also learn different techniques to extend my work at certain level.

So the conclusion is that blogging has a great future, one always learn new things from blogging, either it is WordPress, Web developing, making websites or any freelancing technique to make more and more money online.

Now its your turn. Feel free to express your views about blogging and your experience about making money through your blog.

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  1. I think the future of blogger depends on the hard work and passion of blogger. If you work hard then you will definitely get success in blogging 🙂
    .-= loveish´s last blog ..Top 7 Ways of Making Money From Your Blog/Website =-.

    • I agree with you, passion and consistency can make you a good blogger, though there might be some breaks.
      .-= a_usman´s last blog ..How to Install Windows 7 from a USB drive =-.

  2. I do agree with all of your point but I love the sentence “one always learn new things from blogging” very much. Blogging always teach you something and improve your knowledge as well as personality. It also another good way to get some fan 🙂 However, most notable thing is blogger have to do hard work. Nowadays every niche have tough competitor and you have to do well to get the top place in your niche.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Download SpeedCommander 10 Full Version With Free License Key =-.

  3. Passion for any new startup brings hard work and dedication by itself.So if you are passionate about your work, success will follow.
    .-= Sushant´s last blog ..No Indians allowed in Haagen Dazs Delhi Store =-.

  4. Wow, good compilation, I’ve gone through the article and I’m sorry to say that there are few, very few, grammatical errors in this article.

    Instead of saying “Most of the parents get worried about their child’s future. ” you can say “Most patents are worried about their child’s future”.

    I know Indian bloggers get few errors while blogging, even I make lot of mistakes, but very few people correct, I hope you are one of the very few.

  5. Awesome point you mentioned about Blogging and parents 🙂
    Quite true.

    Blogging is freedom, self created opportunity and lot more.
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Why is Nexus One sold as unlocked? The Google’s strategy =-.

  6. blogging and parents was the most difficult issue for me…i had a tough time convincing them
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Lessons I Learnt from the First Contest on My Blog =-.

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