What The Hell is WikiLeaks? [Video]

WikiLeaks recently created vibes all around the world because of huge number of leaked documents exposing vulnerabilities of US government and other countries. Due to heavy media coverage (print and television) people who are not so much web savvy are also talking about it. American government did their best by bringing the site down through series of DDos attacks and US Senator Joseph Lieberman pressurized websites like Amazon and Paypal to remove their support to Wikileaks. These services did exactly the same. Also recently WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London on suspicion of rape just after his surrender (in response to Swedish arrest warrant).

All these events are nicely shown in a animated video made by a Taiwanese site. Check it out.

Meanwhile, there is a cyber war started between the hackers of all around the World. As some group of hackers bring down sites like Paypal, Martercard and Vista who pulled their hands to support Wikileaks site. Also there are lots of mirror sites available to see the documents. Here is the link. You can also follow Wikileaks on Twitter @Wikileaks.

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