What To Expect From iPad Mini?

It has been long time coming and seems like that iPad mini could well be making it’s mark in a day’s time. There may be some mummers about Apple delaying the launch but we do not really believe that. especially after reading what is written on the invite that Apple sent out to the world media. They have something small to show us and it definitely is the scaled down version of the iPad which has been hands down the success story of the last 5 years as far as consumer electronics is concerned.

There are also rumors that we may see Apple tell us more about iBooks and take it to a new level in the upcoming event but the iPad mini shall definitely stay as the focus of the event. So what can we expect from the iPad mini, let’s roll the list down.

  • A smaller scaled down, 7-7.5 inch retina display.
  • An A5 processor powered device.
  • Legendary 10 hour battery back up.
  • A rear and front facing camera.
  • The all new Lightening Dock for high speed data transfer.
  • iOS 6 at the heart of it (Expect some sort of announcement on improvements of Maps)
  • Ultra thin and portable device, probably thinner than the new iPad.
  • A 512 Mb of RAM powering the device.
  • A starting price of about $250 to take on the competitors such as Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD etc.
  • A new name such as iPad Lite or iPad Air instead of iPad Mini.

Those are pretty much what we believe and can guess would be the specifications and configurations of the iPad Mini, how accurate we are, well you do not really have to wait too long now to find that out.

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